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Digital Photography and Retouching by Rejyna

Since high school, photography and image manipulation has been one of Rejyna's passions. Whether film or digital, her photographic composition, lighting and retouching skills have made her an in-demand resource for all types of projects and industries. Product manufacturers, property management firms, interior decorators, music, event and sport agencies - all of these have enlisted Rejyna's photographic expertise and intuitive direction.

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Locations and Landmarks:

Campus Architecture   -   Campus Greenery   -   Campus Nightshots   -   Campus Students

Office Interiors and Wall Displays

Residential Exteriors

Residential Interiors:

Living Rooms   -   Halls and Stairways   -   Kitchens

Baths   -   Bedrooms: Furnished   -   Bedrooms: Unfurnished

Den, Loft and Recreation   -   Dining Rooms   -   Foyers

Closets and Storage   -   Porches and Decks   -  Basements

Utility Rooms

Sports Photography



Product Composites

Cars and Bikes

Event Photography

Floral, Nature, Scenic


 Retouching, Compositing, Restoration and Correction by Rejyna

Using Photoshop and related digital imaging software, Rejyna has become an expert at image restoration, retouching, compositing, optimization, color, perspective and lens distortion corrections as well as being a gamut, resolution and file-format guru - equally adept in print res CMYK and web res RGB environments. In addition to her work on films like Star Wars and James Bond, Rejyna has a large library of reworked still images, presented below as high-def (1920 x 1080) video demo reels that better enable before and after comparisons:

Property: Before & After HD Video Demos

Exteriors - Residential

Interiors - Residential:

Living Rooms  -  Halls and Stairways  -  Kitchens  -  Baths

Bedrooms  -  Den, Loft and Recreation  -  Dining Rooms  -  Foyers

Closets and Storage  -  Porches and Decks  -  Basements


Property: Before & After Slide 'Cross Fade" Galleries
These slide galleries use a cross fade from the before into the after to assist comparisons 

Exteriors - Residential - Before and After Gallery One

Exteriors - Residential - Before and After Gallery Two

Exteriors - Residential - Before and After Gallery Three



People: Before and After Restoration

Product Composites: Clipping & Masking
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