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Rejyna's Still Image, Frame Grab & Gif Animation Gallery 
Uses your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN, AOL or other browser) with thumbnails that you can click on to visit sub-galleries linking to enlargements, multiple views, frame grabs and gif animations.  Your trip through the exhibits can include a full spectrum of Rejyna's work; Imaging, Photography, Retouching, Graphics, Layouts, Ads, Design, Video Graphics, Publishing, Compositing, Illustration, Manuals, Packaging and Drafting for Merchandise, Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, Public Relations, Presentations, Broadcast, Internet, Intranet and Print Publishing.


Rejyna's Media Clip Presentations
(Audio & Video Mini-Movies & MP3 Song Clips)
Uses your media player to play Audio/Video mini-media clips from Rejyna's DVD portfolio.  First, click one of the icons to choose your player preference.  Then choose from the various listings on the following contents page to view media (a/v) clips covering: Digital Imaging & Photography, Desktop Publishing, Graphics, Videography, Illustration, Architectural Drafting, & more.  Similar to television commercials, bumper ads or kiosk mini-movies, these "Media Files" also include Rejyna's music.  Use a player-type icon above or click these >>>  - 
QuickTime   -   RealPlayer   -   Windows Media Player.  Don't forget to turn up the volume!


Websites Built By Rejyna 

Uses Frames-Enabled Internet Explorer, Netscape, or other HTML browser to surf static and live sites created by Rejyna. 
These sites also include Rejyna's Imaging, Photography, Graphics, Layouts, Ads, Designs, Animations, Compositing, Illustration and Packaging for Merchandise, Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, Broadcast, Internet, Audio, Video and Print Production


Adobe Acrobat Presentations & Documents by Rejyna

Uses Adobe Acrobat/Acrobat Reader (5 or later) to open small indexed sets of Acrobat (.pdf format) pages created from various projects, programs and purposes.  Some single documents are also available.  Only a few areas of content creation are covered here to show Adobe Acrobat as an incredible cross-platform, cross-application presentation tool.  You can go to www.adobe.com to download the latest version of Acrobat Reader FREE! from the manufacturer's website.


FileMaker Pro Databases Built By Rejyna

Uses a Frames-Enabled Internet Browser (Explorer, Netscape, etc.) for viewing FileMaker Pro database screen shots, presented here so you may view the complexity and structure of Rejyna's custom designed databases.  Database layout and functional designs, graphic elements, digital photos, and sounds are all the work of Rejyna.  These are samples from only a few of the databases created by Rejyna.  Complete, fully relational database samples are available on the DVD or CD Digital Portfolio Presentation thru rejyna@msn.com.  For more information on how FileMaker Pro can save you time & money, as well as make you more organized than you could have ever imagined, you are highly encouraged to visit www.filemaker.com for complete specs, info & cross platform versions.


Rejyna's Wordworks: Poetry, Prose & Copywriting
Uses your HTML Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, or other browser) to
choose and view selections from Rejyna's literary works.  Lyrics, poetry, storylines, articles, copywriting, headlines, blurbs.  Armed with old dictionaries, a thesaurus and a rhyming dictionary, nearly all of Rejyna's multimedia content creations also benefit from her talent as a seasoned wordsmith.  An essential part of the "content creator's palette" is not only the word choice, but also font choice and typographical placement.  Words have one rhythm when you speak them, and a potentially different rhythm when you read them silently. 


Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations by Rejyna
The "Imaging & DTP" show is the only one included for online access at this time & is designed for click-to-advance viewing.  PowerPoint or PowerPoint Player & a sound card are required to view the complete presentation.  Microsoft Power Point is a leading presentation application, utilizing sound, images, video, transitions, etc. as well as embedded fonts, & "save as a web page" functions.  More shows will be added in the future but can be requested now on the CD portfolio here.  PowerPoint presentations will vary in size & a Broadband or DSL internet connection is advised, however, a 56K dial-up connection was used to test and verify (a little patience is extremely helpful!)  Multiple shows are included on the CD or DVD portfolio & load quicker, with no need for an internet connection.


Rejyna's MP3 Music Gallery

In the music portfolio gallery, you can hear MP3 cuts from published songs featuring Rejyna as vocalist, and/or guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, engineer or producer.  Music styles range from rock to ballads to jazz.  MP3 clips are playable using the latest versions of Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, QuickTime and others.


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